I´m born in 1980.
At the age og 14 I started playing my moms old Hofner nylon string guitar.
It didn´t rock, so I saved money for an electric guitar.
Shortly after I couldn´t resist the thought of making one. First attempt didn´t turn out well.
I started over again with better materials, a bit more knowledge and made a pretty
playable electric guitar. I always built things as a kid.

In year 2000 I finished upper secondary school, at that time I had made
3 electric guitars + my first archtop guitar.

My plan was to study biology, but making guitars seemed more and more interesting.

I found a 2 year guitar making course in London to which I enrolled.
It didn´t quite meet my expectations and after finishing first year I returned to Denmark.

For a short period I was employed in a cabinet making shop; it closed though.
I got a job in an upholstery factory.
During this I had started a small workshop in the basement I rented to live in.
The workshop was 8 sq meters - not a lot, but It served me well for making
instruments and repair work from 2001 to 2008
Until april 2006 I ran the shop part time, but  too much work in the shop made it
possible to quit my job. From then till today the workshop has been fulltime occupation. 
In 2008 I moved the workshop to its current location.